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What I’ve read lately book review

Happy Monday blog world! Was your weekend good? Mine was full of absolutely nothing and for us, that’s so rare. We are usually so busy so when we have nothing on our calendar it’s such a treat. A funny little thing I do that makes me happy, when I know I don’t have to leave again for the day or I’m home for the day, I light a yummy smelling candle and let that thing burn all day. So needless to say, I let a cinnamon roll candle burn all day yesterday, stayed in pajamas and it was glorious.

Today’s post is all things books, if your a reader like me your like this!

If your not much of a reader, well that’s sad but come back tomorrow, ha!

Ok let’s do the dang thing!


This book. Oh my word. This book hurt my soul and my stomach. So this is about the 8 year old daughter of a drug dealer who is trying to raise her brother and survive a life of horrible circumstances. She forms an unusual friendship with one of her dad’s drug friend’s. This book is twisty turny and just horribly sad. I kept wondering if it was based on a true story because the unfortunate part is I’m sure stories like this happen. Eeekk. I rated this one 5 stars. But it’s not for the faint of heart.

A coworker recommended this book to me and she really loved it but I found it slightly predictable. Twin sisters who couldn’t be more different, Naomi is responsible and newly single, the other Tina is a thief on the run. Naomi learns that Tina has left town and left a daughter and she has to pick up the pieces. Naomi ends up making her way in the small town and falls for the local bad boy. It was slightly Hallmark movie but a little deeper than that. I did like it, I just rated it 3 stars for not keeping my attention as well as I wanted it to.

Y’all, this was such a great summer read. I really loved this book. It starts out with 13 year old girl meeting her new neighbors at her summer house who happen to be two brothers around her age. It goes back and forth for many summers of them growing up and her falling for one of the boys. Then comes heartbreak and let me tell you, your heart hurts because your so invested in the characters. Read this book! I don’t think you will regret it. It was for sure 5 stars for me!

Whoa. I flew through this book. It held my attention and I had to know how it ended. Couple Adam and Sarah, he is a writer and she is a high powered attorney, they are having some marital lows and Adam starts a year long affair with Kelly who ends up murdered in his bed at the couple’s lake house. Did Adam do it? Or was it Kelly’s husband who is also a police officer in the small town. Yikes. So many good twists in this book it kept me guessing! 5 stars fo sho!


If your not on Goodreads, your missing out. I love the app. It’s how I keep track of all my want to reads and I love the yearly book challenge. My goal is always 50 books a year. Coffee and a Kindle are two of my favorite things! This pic makes me happy! Kindle link here

See ya back here tomorrow!!


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