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What I’ve watched lately…

Hey friends! Happy Monday and just got the call it's day 4 of snow day from school. Ugh. There is no end in site around here. The heavy snow storm was last week and now we are dealing with an ice storm this week. Arkansas what are you doing?! Spring can't get here fast enough for me.

Today is all things Netflix and chill mode. Since we have had some unfortunate weather lately, we have watched some movies and shows that I felt were worthy of a shoutout.

My husband found this one and he knows I love monkeys 🙈. This story was amazing! It's based on a true story, it was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Nate the boy, comes up with a horrible sickness, ehem I diagnosed him before the doctors did in the movie, just sayin. I know a thing or two after working in healthcare for 15 years. Watch this with your family! It was so good.

Ok let's chat about this one. It's free and included with Amazon Prime if you have that. Can we all take a minute and appreciate how insane JLo looks. Really that's all I have to say over this movie.

Jk. So I didn't love this movie. Lots of great actors and beautiful location, it seemed cheaply made in the end maybe or the story plot was kind of silly. Nevertheless did I say how great JLo looked? Ha! If you have nothing else going on, don't have to pay for it and are snowed in, give it a watch! Like I said tons of actors including Lenny Kravitz.

Friends! This movie was so so good!! Obviously looking at it there is two huge name actors so you assume it would be good but I really really loved this movie! Definitely will watch it again. These two have a daughter who just graduated college and decides to make a huge life change in a foreign country. Talks about as parents, we want or think we know what's best for our kiddos. Eeek this was a cute movie. It would have been a great book too.

Not something we watched but something we did. Or aka my husband did. My family unit loves sushi, when we go to said sushi restaurants I eat fried rice and everyone is happy. He decided he wanted to attempt his own sushi making skills and bought the kit on Amazon linked here and while I didn't try it, I enjoyed watching him make and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Guaranteed we are the closest sushi restaurant for 50 miles haha. Open for business.

Hope y'all have a blessed week and if your dealing with frigid cold temperatures like me, you stay warm and safe!


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