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What’s up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday might be me talking about everything and anything. Today I want to talk best concert you have ever been to!

My husband and I love frequenting concerts and try to find our top choices for the year and make a point to get a babysitter and go! Sometimes we go with friends and sometimes just us. We have seen so many great performances over the years BUT the top 3 that stick out for me was Bruno Mars, Elton John and Garth Brooks. What a lineup right?!

This was from our Bruno Mars concert. He was so energetic on stage. Had fire and a great backup band with all the big instruments. That guy can sing! My husband bought us VIP tickets to this so we were big timing it with the extra luxury and we even had a red carpet 💃🏻.

This was Elton John. I mean it’s Elton soooo it was hands down the most memorable night. Just being in the same room with such a legend! Knowing all his songs. I loved this outfit I chose but I regret those shoes 🫢. If you ever get the chance to see him before he officially retires DO IT!

Finally we saw Garth a few months ago and being the huge country star that I am, I have to say it will forever be the best concert I’ve attended. i think I could karaoke every song he has ever written and not even need the screen. I grew up on his music. It’s all classics and brings back fond memories. We were both hoarse the next day from screaming, “callin Baton Rouge“

I love going to concerts together because its guaranteed that we will have fun together and listening to music live that you hear on radio is special. We have a couple more converts lined up for this year and I’m looking forward to that fun with my guy!

Drop in comments what your bucket list concert is!! Mine is George Strait or Reba or even Chris Stapleton. ❤️


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